What Is Your Value?

In Steve Pavlina’s most recent post about The Dark Side of Financial Abundance, he highlights the practical implications of going from making a little amount of money to making loads of money.

Steve writes about:

  • how financial abundance affects your accounting and tax situation
  • what financial mistakes can cost you (and how it’s all relative)
  • how people will treat you differently
  • how you’ll feel pressured to develop better money management skills
  • how, by facing up to the dark side of financial abundance, you’ll become less fearful, more flexible, more responsible, more organised, and more confident.

In his closing paragraph, Steve states “To attract more abundance, you must create more value for others, which requires that you recognize, accept, and embrace your own value.”

This to me is probably the most important statement that I’ve needed to read in recent times. I’ve known that attracting more abundance involves creating more value for others. Little did I realise that to create more value for others, you must certainly recognise, accept and embrace your own value. Afterall, how else will you keep serving others consistently in the best possible way?

Earlier today I received an email from a friend who shared with me his strategic plan for 2007. He’ll comment here if he’d like to make himself known. His objective is “To directly impact the lives of a million people by November 2007”. He’ll know he has achieved this by having sales of £1 Million + through all his various websites and projects. How powerful that he recognises not only how much he’ll have received in sales this year, but also that he’ll have made a positive impact on the lives of a million people. He has a strong belief in himself of how he’ll be able to recognise, accept and embrace his own value so that he can directly and positively impact millions of others.

So on MY path to financial abundance, how am I recognising, accepting and embracing my own value?

What I’ve recognised is that I directly add most value when I’m sitting face-to-face with an individual, over a cup of coffee, discovering what their raw, unique talent is, and co-creating a strategic approach for how they can tap into their existing resources to serve more people, to serve their people better, and to make loads of money to keep on serving.
I have proof (!) Here’s what guitarist Tim Stone has to say about a recent effortless session I had with him:

“I recently signed up to a 3 month package with Kavit Haria, a musician’s coach who helps you focus and market yourself and your music. (Incidentally, I’ve been round a block or two and am not convinced easily! ). Anyway, part of that package is an hour’s consultation with Sol Shah to develop what they call the marketing funnel, which I had recently. Sol is a very warm guy and the hour turned into quite a few more! He’s dead easy to get along with and I learned a lot. The funnel seems to be about recognising what resources you do actually have and how to order and maximise them. I came away from the meeting with quite an update on what I have to offer and how to go about it. Sol listened closely and his feedback allowed me to see some very positive steps that were probably staring me in the face, but that I was missing. I also saw that a lot of stuff I already have nailed is a lot more useful to my marketing plan than I had previously thought. Wicked.”

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/n0ZU1dUaouw" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]
Tim Stone on the Bedford Bandstand

So I’ve recognised where I add most value to others, and I am able to accept and embrace it by continuing to consult talented individuals, effortlessly over a coffee (or herbal tea), whilst exploring opportunities for serving more people at any given time, either in person, or via the web. As you’re reading this right now, how would YOU like me to serve you and more people through the work we’d do together?

Open To Receive ‘Miss Right Now’

There has been one dominating factor that’s kept me single all these months. My father’s love for my mother has been so strong ever since I’ve known, that I could never imagine them both separating. As my mum’s health declined over the last decade, and as I witnessed mum’s state of health dramatically drop over the past year, I realised that when her spirit heads out into another dimension, dad would be left alone. I imagined that he would be devastated under such a situation, and that for me to avoid any pain myself, it’s best if I do not find someone to share my life with, just in case I lose her. I guessed that detachment meant not sharing my life with someone.

So mum passed away 3 and a half months back, and you know what, dad’s doing ok. Yes he misses her, we all do, but what’s important here is that we’ve all recognised the transient nature of reality. Everything changes, constantly. People come and people go. I no longer need to be looking out for ‘Miss Right’ – the permanent one who will be with me forever. No, I just need to keep an eye out for ‘Miss Right Now’ – the one who I can share my current life experiences with, the one who’s life I can enrich through my unique understanding of the world, and who can enrich my experience through hers.

So where are you, ‘Miss Right Now’? Where are you hiding? Come on out – make yourself known to me. It’s ok, now is all that matters.

On The Reload With Bassist Darren Taylor

It’s not often that you get the chance to sit face-to-face with yourself, taking yourself beyond reflection (the past), holding yourself back from anticipation (the future), and sitting tight with the present moment, right here, right now, nowhere to turn, nowhere to hide.

How fortunate to have had the opportunity on Tuesday 12th December 2006, to be immersed in 5.5 hours of dialogue with Darren Taylor, double bassist for Courtney Pine‘s touring band, out to transform the lives of this generation’s youth, giving them an abundance of chances to develop themselves through music and do the right thing for themselves, and the communities they live within.

Darren Vidal Montgomery Taylor - Monty Live
Darren ‘Monty’ Taylor
Double Bass Player
Courtney Pine’s Touring Band

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Watching Over You

Watching over you, always a birds eye view.
Every step you take, from the moment you wake.
Through the smiles you give, I will always live.
As you helping hand reaches out, my heart remains thereabout.

Though the days may pass by, be brave and do not cry.
The love which you emanate should be your pure innocent state.
Time stands not still, as the souls journey continues and will.
May the divine light of your spirit, guide you forth and forever by lit.

– Deepa M. Shah