On The Reload With Bassist Darren Taylor

It’s not often that you get the chance to sit face-to-face with yourself, taking yourself beyond reflection (the past), holding yourself back from anticipation (the future), and sitting tight with the present moment, right here, right now, nowhere to turn, nowhere to hide.

How fortunate to have had the opportunity on Tuesday 12th December 2006, to be immersed in 5.5 hours of dialogue with Darren Taylor, double bassist for Courtney Pine‘s touring band, out to transform the lives of this generation’s youth, giving them an abundance of chances to develop themselves through music and do the right thing for themselves, and the communities they live within.

Darren Vidal Montgomery Taylor - Monty Live
Darren ‘Monty’ Taylor
Double Bass Player
Courtney Pine’s Touring Band

Darren believes firmly in ‘reasoning things out’, taking the time to think things through, and giving everything the exact attention it deserves, nothing more, nothing less.

He has a very simple philosophy by which he lives his life:
(1) Meet the right people
(2) Take a genuine interest in them
(3) Remember them

How beautiful, how perfect, how true.

Darren’s project, Jazz Reloaded, is all about using the essence behind Jazz music to take individuals from the rat race cycles of daily life, the millions of undefining choices and distractions that destroy everything that is precious within us, towards a point where we clearly understand what’s what, what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s changing, what’s permanent, what’s on, what’s off, when to talk, and when to stay silent.

Darren Vidal Montgomery Taylor - Monty
Darren Taylor As Depicted
By Illustrator & Brother
Des Taylor

I’m looking forward to working with Darren on his creative projects in 2007.

In the meantime, check out some of the work done by brothers Darren (Monty) Taylor and Desmond (Des) Taylor:

Also the following MySpace pages:

Katie Rogers
Katie Rogers
By Des Taylor

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