Open To Receive ‘Miss Right Now’

There has been one dominating factor that’s kept me single all these months. My father’s love for my mother has been so strong ever since I’ve known, that I could never imagine them both separating. As my mum’s health declined over the last decade, and as I witnessed mum’s state of health dramatically drop over the past year, I realised that when her spirit heads out into another dimension, dad would be left alone. I imagined that he would be devastated under such a situation, and that for me to avoid any pain myself, it’s best if I do not find someone to share my life with, just in case I lose her. I guessed that detachment meant not sharing my life with someone.

So mum passed away 3 and a half months back, and you know what, dad’s doing ok. Yes he misses her, we all do, but what’s important here is that we’ve all recognised the transient nature of reality. Everything changes, constantly. People come and people go. I no longer need to be looking out for ‘Miss Right’ – the permanent one who will be with me forever. No, I just need to keep an eye out for ‘Miss Right Now’ – the one who I can share my current life experiences with, the one who’s life I can enrich through my unique understanding of the world, and who can enrich my experience through hers.

So where are you, ‘Miss Right Now’? Where are you hiding? Come on out – make yourself known to me. It’s ok, now is all that matters.

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  1. Arvind Devalia avatar

    Dear Suraj,

    As someone who has known you and your family for over three years, and also having met your mum whilst she was sick, it is really inspring and heartening to see you all adapting so beautifully.

    As you say everything is transient, things change and people come and go. At the same time we must acknowledge and feel the pain of such partings. The loss of a close, dear relative like a mother is profound and literally life changing. It also awakens in us this understanding and learning of something biggger than us – and helps our spiritual growth.

    Through the passing of loved ones, we become aware of our own limited time on this earth in the current life. Some people get this urgency to fulfull their life purpose and also do all they want to. A literal awakening to the phrase – life is too short, we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.

    Suraj, there is therefore no reason for you to hold back any longer from making the space in your life for that special person. Your life is precious, you are a special human being, a great guy and you have much to offer “Miss Right Now”. So well done for putting out that call to the universe.

    Reading your blog and reflecting on where I am right now on my own journey, I confess that for so long I have been in a similar space as you – not wanting to be hurt again and also just in case I lost her. However as you say, now is all that matters. So from hereon I too am open to meeting “Miss Right Now”:-).

    For too long, I have denied her and it is hight time the universe put us two together.

    Suraj, enjoy being with her – you deserve all goodness in your life.

  2. Kavit Haria avatar


    Thank you for reminding me some of the core teachings from Chitrabhanu’s Twelve facets of Reality –

    Here’s an excerpt I pulled out from Facet 1:

    “If you want to feel the refreshing touch of a lake in summer, you have to remove your clothes. Otherwise, you will not get direct contact with the cool water. In the same way, if you want to enjoy the freshness of life, you must shed your coverings. Words, concepts, beliefs, crystallized thoughts act as coverings. Puncture them and you will see how hollow and insubstantial they are. Remove them and you will see yourself.”

    – Kavit

  3. Sol avatar

    Arvind and Kavit, thank you so much for your thoughtful responses. It makes me feel good about writing posts from my heart, no holding back, knowing that greater learnings will come through resistance-free dialogue.

    The more I think about this, the more I realise that I have no life purpose – the kind that’s out there in the future for me to achieve it. The beautiful thing is that I feel I do not even NEED to have that all-mighty life purpose to aim for.

    However, what I do have, which the beautiful Anne Cochrane shared with me in September 2006, is that all-encompassing life purpose that I am living out, every single day, every single moment, in everything that I do, in everything that I experience. As I go about my life, in the decisions that I make, in the steps that I take, in the people that I meet and the creative moments we share, my purpose is being lived out, bit by bit. Those karmic particles, attached to my soul, now coming to fruition, bit by bit.

    So the question then arises – do I need to ‘set’ my life purpose, do I need to ‘set’ my lifetime goals, do I need to write out those daily tasks and check them off each day? Or do I simply stay alert, aware and attentive, recognising that my life purpose is being lived out every single moment, whether I like it or not, and to simply patiently and persistently observe those situations that I experience in any given moment, moment by moment, moment by moment?

    With warmth,
    Suraj (Sol)

  4. Perfume avatar

    Dear Suraj,

    What you have written is beautiful, open, honest and transparent. It takes guts to be the latter 3. Good on you for being able feel it AND express it.

    You deserve a Miss Right whether it’s for now or forever and i’m sure you will find someone who also deserves you.

    Life is full of twists & turns. Sometimes they feel good and sometimes not. It doesn’t matter. We should embrace them, learn from them and where possible share our experiences with others so that our purpose & being is useful.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  5. Sol avatar

    Thank you for your kind words, Perfume. Transparency is a quality which I consistently aspire to, and often one that causes the greatest challenges in my life.

    Still, it’s worth it! It allows me to be my real self, and who knows, Miss Right Now may be in my life sooner that I realise!

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