Market Yourself With A Free Teleseminar In 3 Easy Steps

One cool, affordable, and effective way of marketing your services is to run a free teleconference for your current or potential clients and customers.

By running a seminar, you put yourself forward as an expert in the field, whilst reaching many many people at once. This certainly raises your profile, and allows you to serve more clients better.

Here’s how a local plumber can do it…

Step #1: Plan Your Teleseminar

What are the top 10 questions your existing clients ask you about their plumbing or central heating? List the questions and write a few paragraphs for each answer.

Locate and register with a free teleconference solution to run your seminar over the telephone such as

Set up a webpage with a registration form where those interested in listening in on your teleseminar can register for it. Once they register, they will receive an email with the details of your teleseminar.

Step #2: Announce Your Teleseminar

Determine a date and time to run your seminar which will be convenient for you as well as the majority of your target market.

Prepare an email which announces what your teleseminar will cover, why it’ll be useful to them, when it’ll be run, and the web link for where they can register for free. Give it a decent descriptive subject such as “Free Teleseminar On The Hottest Plumbing And Central Heating Questions For Your Home”, and then send it out to all your current and past clients, offering them opportunity to invite their friends and family to it too.

You’ll soon see registrations trickling in. 24 hours before the seminar, send all those registered a reminder of the details for the call.

Step #3: Run Your Teleseminar

Simply call in to the number you are given when you register with the teleconference service, ensure enough people have arrived on the call, and aim to start on time.

If it’s a one hour call, use the first 5-10 minutes introducing yourself, where you are based and what services you offer. This’ll help to pad out the time in case there are any late comers. Then use the next 40 minutes to deliver your seminar over the phone – as simple as 10 questions, 4 minutes per question. You can ask a friend help you run like a question and answer session, with you as the expert. Use the final 10-15 minutes to address any other questions that arise for your clients, and then round the call up with details of how they can easily contact you to take up your services.

Hey presto, you’ve now helped a large number of homeowners with their most pressing plumbing and central heating questions, as well as letting them know that they can give their plumbing and central heating work to you. All this exposure for your company and services for just 3 to 4 hours of work from your end. – How We’re Promoting Drum Classes For Kids

As you may be aware, we at Cynergise are very fond of Kavit Haria and the way he continues to serve through his work.

Kavit Haria, founder of Young Drummers, has been playing the Tabla (Indian hand drums) for over 12 years and has trained with Pandit Sharda Sahai of the Benaras Gharana.

Now, Kavit is offering weekly term-time Tabla lessons for kids, and the classes this term kick off with a free Tabla lesson.

To promote these tabla classes, we have set up a 4-page website and promotional domain name that allows parents to get the information they need, register their children for the initial free lesson, and let their own friends know about it.

If you know of a parent in the North West part of London (England) whose kids would be up for learning a new art in a welcoming family environment, how about you ask them to visit so that their kids can also get the benefit of a free Tabla lesson by Kavit Haria this month.

If you have any questions about these classes, please visit