Time To Get Squashed – The Shoes Have Arrived!

Back in October 2006, I sent a wish out into the universe for some comfortable size 14 squash shoes.

Today they have arrived.

Hi-Tec Squash Shoes

When ordering these shoes through www.walktall.co.uk, I also picked up a pair of Columbia Slate Slides – wow, when I’m travelling out in the hotter parts of the world, these will be a TREAT to wear.

Columbia Slate Slide

So, who’s up for a game of squash? Any takers? Badminton works for me too!

2 responses to “Time To Get Squashed – The Shoes Have Arrived!”

  1. Arvind Devalia avatar

    Hi Suraj,

    Great – let’s do a gmae of squash sometime soon 🙂

    Badminton is good too.

    Have shoes, will travel.

    Love and best wishes


  2. Mik avatar

    Hey Sol, you got the shoes!! Good stuff – when’re we starting squash again??

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