Never Check Email In The Morning

Are you like how I’ve been first thing in the morning?  Before even having breakfast, do you just jump out of bed and load up your computer to check your email?  You think that in those few hours between when you closed your computer before you went to sleep, and when you turn on your computer in the morning when you wake up that there will be something SO IMPORTANT that it becomes your priority of the day?  Get real!

How about if you get to the office – what’s the first thing you do?  Load up your computer, check your telephone voicemails, and trawl through your emails?  What, like there’s something SO CRITICAL that you just HAVE to read it right away?  Get real!

If there’s something so dramatically urgent, the right person will find a way to track you down.

Check out this brilliant video where Gregory Mantell interviews Julie Morgenstern who suggests spending the first hour of your workday email-free.

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A brilliant supporting article on this topic can be found at Geek to

What is your Most Important Task (MIT) of the day, and how wonderful would it feel if you got it completed before you peeked at even one email?

2 responses to “Never Check Email In The Morning”

  1. ross avatar

    hey sol

    i couldn’t agree more – but yet that is EXACTLY what i do EVERY DAY!

    it’s funny, i just read a similar sentiment over at phil newtown’s blog – this must be a sign.

    it would actually be great to write down what my MIT for the next day is before i go to sleep so that i have it fresh in my mind and am motivated as soon as i get up.

    the mind boggles at how much more productive i could be to be honest!

    hope all is good with you mate, i hope we get to meet up and grab a juice some day soon!

    take it easy

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