Mr Cranium

On Friday 8th December, I had some friends round for dinner. After the meal, we played Cranium, and Roopal Shah created this Masterpiece!

Mr Cranium

What does the plasticine model mean to you?

Mr Cranium with more
Mr Cranium with Hair, Hat, Walking Stick and Dog

2 responses to “Mr Cranium”

  1. Roopal avatar

    Cool pic! Although I did add to this funny little man and give him some accessories… some hair, a hat, and walking stick and a dog! Please post that one!

    Hmm… as you can probably guess, I found the actual game so very entertaining… ahem!

    By the way, I’m not quite sure what it means to me except that the creativity within me was just bursting to get out!!!


  2. Sol avatar

    By popular demand, I have now included in this post the picture of Mr Cranium with his hair, hat, walking stick and dog. If Roopal Shah were to create this plasticine model for you (with matching accessories), then how much would YOU pay for it?

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