It May Be Hidden, But It’s Still There

Right now, the sun is shining. Nothing special – it’s a gorgeous afternoon, and the light of the sun is penetrating through the large window and illuminating my whole bedroom. This morning the sun wasn’t shining. Nothing special – the clouds were hiding it, and it looked quite gloomy outside. Tonight the sun will stop shining. Nothing special – the Earth will have rotated so that we won’t be able to see the sun, and so we’ll be in darkness.

Interesting how the sun was still there, doing it’s job, radiating as it was meant to. The sun will continue doing it’s job, radiating as it’s meant to. The sun will continue shining. At times there will be clouds or the Earth covering it up, hiding it from our view, and although it will look like the sun has stopped shining, it’ll just be that our view of the sun has been obscured.

Our experience of the rest of the world is kind of like that. Everything that we could ever want, that we could ever hope to get, is permanently there. Everything that we hope never to get, to never be a victim of, is also permanently there. What happens is that our past actions cause certain things to be hidden from our present view.

Karmically speaking, our previously bound paap karma hides all the things that make us feel good, and reveals those very things that make us feel bad. In the same context, previously bound punya karma hides all the things that we could never want, and reveals the very things that make us feel better.

Of course all those bad things and those better things are just momentary. We want to remove all karma so that we can see our world as it is, completely unadulterated, being aware of all the good and all the not so good, without really reacting to it.

So the next time you’re looking for that perfect parking space, remember that it’s just there where you want it, even if it appears to be momentarily hidden. The next time you want to go on that playful date, remember that the right person is right in front of you, even if they appear to hidden from your life. The next time you want the sun to shine, remember that it will, although it may just be hiding behind the clouds.

5 responses to “It May Be Hidden, But It’s Still There”

  1. Menka avatar

    Imagine how peaceful and happy life would be without the constant grasping for something better!

    In Buddhism, the Four Noble Truths are:

    1) suffering exists
    2) the cause of suffering is craving, hatred and ignorance
    3) there is a cure for suffering, and
    4) there is a path to end suffering.

    And the path to end suffering, it is said, is *non grasping*. Interesting how buddhism gets right to the essence of this point!

    Yet, I still think its special when the warm sunshine floods my room in the morning. What I aspire to achieve is not to get attached to it, not to cling onto something that is bound to hide away a few moments later…

  2. Sol avatar

    What would it take, Menka, to have you not cling to something that is bound to hide away a few moments later?

  3. Menka avatar

    hehe, self realisation!

  4. Sol avatar

    In your eyes, Menka, what would it take to get self realisation?

  5. Sol avatar

    Menka has chosen to stop playing this game of Q&A, for now….

    Keep an eye on the posts here, as she may just surprise us all, and return to reveal the path towards self-realisation.

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