How To Stop Soya Milk Curdling In Instant Coffee In 3 Easy Steps

Ever since going down the vegan path in April, I stopped having coffee at the office as the coffee there is instant, and the milk always curdled whenever I made it the coffee with soya milk.

Now I’ve discovered a way to enjoy instant coffee with soya milk that doesn’t curdle.

How To Stop Soya Milk Curdling In Instant Coffee In 3 Easy Steps:

  • Step #1: Boil the kettle, put the instant coffee granules in the mug, (add sugar as required).
  • Step #2: Pour the boiled water into the mug, and let it sit there for 5 minutes.
  • Step #3: Add Alpro soya milk and enjoy your coffee!

The trick here is hidden in step #2 – waiting for the coffee to cool down a little before adding milk will stop it from curdling.

So, when shall we get together for that authentic conversation over a decent (instant) coffee?

7 responses to “How To Stop Soya Milk Curdling In Instant Coffee In 3 Easy Steps”

  1. Caffein avatar

    My method works better:

    1. Boil water but get it off the heat before it reaches full boiling point – or boil it and leave it for a minute, just so its not quite as hot.
    Then poor it into the cup, I usually poor the water from a bit of a height so it air cools slightly on the way down.

    2. Shake your soy milk and poor it into the water.

    3. Add the coffee granules last, and stir in.

    It works for me every time where if i do it coffee/water/milk it usually curdles! And this way you dont have to wait 5 minutes and drink cold coffee 😛

  2. Low Acid Coffee avatar

    Very nice tips. This is also my way to stop milk curdling in my coffee. I also tried Alpro soya milk in my coffee and it really taste great. Putting this soya milk on your low acid coffee will be a perfect beverage.

  3. Sarita Paris avatar
    Sarita Paris

    Perfect advice. My recommendation: 5/5.

    I just made a coffee using your above method; and the soy milk did not split nor did it become slightly bitter, as it may tend to do when the milk is poured into the coffee before the hot water.

    Using your method my coffee taste like coffee, and the soy milk tastes like gentle smooth slightly creamy milk with the distinct Soy flavor.


  4. Suraj Shah avatar

    Excellent – glad it worked for you Sarita!

    What brand of instant coffee do you use?

  5. Cate_Emma avatar

    Nice, Except instead of having to wait – I just add some cold water to the boiled water/coffee and then add my soya milk once it has cooled down.

  6. Suraj Shah avatar

    great tip! Thanks Cate. Does putting in cold water have an impact on the flavour of the coffee?

  7. Chris avatar

    I'm sure it is the acid in coffee that causes curdling. I tried adding a tiny amount (about half a pinch!) of bicarbonate of soda/baking soda to the mug before adding the water. It fizzes like cola for a few seconds,but the coffee but tastes the same to me and it never curdles!

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