How To Say “No Thanks” If You Get Too Much Junk From Your Friends

Friends want to show that they care. They show that they care by forwarding you a funny story, a virus warning, or a photo that they enjoyed. They show that they care by sending a mass email using the “To:” field and so exposing your email address to a bunch of strangers.

The next time your friend displays less-than-acceptable consideration when emailing you, how about sending them the following response…

Hi there:

Please visit

It’s because I like getting personal messages from you, but don’t want any more email like this, please.

With love,

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  1. Chris K avatar
    Chris K

    Or if you’re tired of receiving “chain emails” promising doom and gloom if you don’t forward the email to 20 million people in the next 2 seconds, you could try replying to the sender with this text –
    ” In my email box I received, from you, what my email program interpreted as a chain letter. I have set my emailer to filter out chain letters and return this reply. This is an automated email delivery — an auto response to your message which should appear at the end of this text. Your message was filtered and deposited directly into my special chain mail trash folder; I have not read it, nor will I. If you feel you have received this message in error, please send me a nasty note describing such ;o)”

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