Handling Computer Accidents With Online Backup Tools

Drink on Laptop

Our client and good friend Kavit Haria had a very bemused look on his face earlier this week – the kind of look that you find when someone asks himself “How in the world did I manage to do that!?”

You see, it had only just gone noon on Monday afternoon, and he was sipping away on his honey and lemon hot drink while working away on the laptop. We’ll let Kavit tell you the rest of the story…

Today, at about 12.15, when working and drinking honey and lemon, I spilt it over my laptop by serious mistake. The laptop now doesn’t turn on. I called Dell quite a bit and they have arranged for someone to call me tomorrow to give me a quote for repair and then they’ll pick it up if I agree.

My literature review is the most important file on there – it has taken time to write and I’ve got a deadline to meet in 2 weeks time. However, I remembered that 3 weeks ago I signed up to www.mozy.com as an online backup service and now, luckily, all my files are backed up and the version from last week 6th Nov is saved online. I am now using another computer and have just downloaded my file here. I had only written 4 new paragraphs earlier today so I can rewrite that, rather than 8 pages of scientific stuff!

Anyway, I will wait for the repair quote tomorrow. If it is too high, I’ll just have to pay a bit extra and I’ll get a new laptop as I don’t need any other files as everything of mine is backed up online luckily.

I am now leaving the laptop to dry till later this evening and will try again to see if it works.

This email was just to inform you…


P.S. Check out www.mozy.com for home or office!

I’ve just had news from Kavit – his laptop is still kaput, so looks like he’ll most likely be ditching this laptop and getting himself a mac this Christmas. What’s great is that all his files are backed up remotely and now retrievable.

So the message here folks is back up your files frequently. Simply mozy on over to www.mozy.com for all your online backup needs!

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  1. Rob avatar

    Tell Kavit not to wait until Christmas – Mozy only keep your files for 30 days unless you keep refreshing them! I’m not kidding – read on CNet if you don’t believe me!

    I prefer to use as they will be archive your files forever.

  2. featurecoupon avatar

    very good description. Everything is true. Mozy only keep your file for 30 days unless you keep them cool! I'm not kidding.

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