Collaborate On A Mind Map Online For Free

Whether you’re working on a common project, writing an article, or preparing a presentation, one of the coolest exercises you can do is to place your main thoughts about the topic into a mind map.

Last weekend I was preparing a presentation to deliver to a group of charitable individuals. This was to raise funds towards drilling a borehole in East Africa so that the communities there could get fresh clean drinking water without having to walk 7km each way every day to fetch water.

Before I created the PowerPoint presentation file, I logged onto my free account at and mapped out all my thoughts about what inspired our family to take on this project, how we’ve been collecting funds so far, and some details about the location where the borehole will be drilled.  Click here to see an example of the mind map I created.

Having mapped these out, it was so simple to knock all the details into a PowerPoint presentation. The mind map served as a complete visual reminder about what I wanted to communicate.

Now here’s the cooler part. Through it’s collaboration feature, even allows you to share your mind map with your friends, colleagues and clients, so that you can work on this together, even if you are located in some of the remotest parts of the world. Try it out – see it revolutionise the way you remotely work on common tasks.

2 responses to “Collaborate On A Mind Map Online For Free”

  1. Dhrumil avatar

    I’ll have to check it out.

    So far I’ve used either google docs for this or WriteBoard (

  2. Sol Shah avatar
    Sol Shah

    Yes Dhru, Google Docs is also brilliant for collaboration. Will certainly want to check out WriteBoard.

    For those who have used both out there, in your experience, is Google Docs better, or is WriteBoard better, and why?

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