Coffee and Cake at Kaka & Bhabhu’s

Today my Kaka (dad’s elder brother Mahendra) and Bhabhu (kaka’s wife Aruna) invited us round for idli sambhar, cake and coffee.

Lunch at Kaka's
Dinesh | Sawan | Mahendra | Aruna | Arjun | Sol

Idli sambhar is a south indian snack made from rice and lentils. See Nupur’s Idli Sambhar recipe to find out how you can make it at home yourself.

Then we had a delicious Tarte au chocolat from Waitrose fresh patisseie and a new Douwe Egburts Cafe Switch Pump & Froth Coffee.

My brothers Arjun and Sawan played Smack Down on the PS2.

I just put this post up to show my kaka how a blog works. Feel free to comment on any of this so that Kaka can reply too.

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  1. Name change kit avatar

    Cakes and coffee are good combination and you can for them for a tea party. And I was thinking if coffee and cakes are better to serve for my wedding reception.

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