Attractively Feisty, yet Intimately Playful

For over a year now, I’ve had a vision of my ideal partner in life. She’d have to be attractively feisty, yet intimately playful in her approach to life. This is a woman who would bring creativity into every given moment, alluring a sense of culture and passion to everything we put into form together.

It’s interesting how a post I’d put up over a year ago at the only dating site I’ve ever signed up for asked “What I am looking for in a partner”. To that, I stated: “The seductive and vibrant voice of a gospel singer, connecting to and nurturing anything with purity and love, creatively applying her culture and faith in all she does.”

Is it a surprise then that I had the good fortune of spending all of Saturday evening with such a woman? A Thai meal at Earls Court, sparkling water at the Verve Bar in Leicester Square, a spontaneous cycle rickshaw ride through Soho, and just simply gorgeous company throughout the evening. Was that a date? More to come, I’m sure…

This is a woman who just like myself wants to explore the diverse realities of the world, who wants to get beyond the conformities of our community, who wants to be immersed in her art, who wants to live a simple content life, and who wants to take her raw unique talent, her own pure effortless expression to the farthest reaches of the planet.

In case you’re wondering, although that particular dating site didn’t directly connect us up, it’s important to note that the questions asked did help me define, look out for, and appreciate the qualities of someone who can enhance my experience of life.

If you happen to not enjoy being single right now and are struggling to find someone to share your life with, I strongly urge you to take some time out to get clear on the qualities of who you want to attract into your life, and then just GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY and get on with enjoying life!

I have no idea what’s going to happen next. I almost don’t even care. All I know is that I feel GOOD being right here, right now. I feel a lightness about me, and effortlessness around me, a force of invincibility running through me.

As Paulo Coelho writes in his book Eleven Minutes…

Love is not to be found in someone else,
but in ourselves; we simply awaken it.
But in order to do that,
we need the other person.

I know I’m capable of loving, being just who I am. Wouldn’t you say that life feels so much easier when there’s the other person who can bring out those qualities within you?

Just a note: Soon after mum passed away last month, I felt something lift within me that indicated I was ready to welcome someone special to be a part of my life. Maybe this is it.

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