Appreciating The Frustration Of Just Being You – Taare Zameen Par – Every Child Is Special

Having just watched the first film directed and produced by Aamir Khan, the recent bollywood hit Taare Zameen Par left the whole family lost for words.

This story is about a young boy with the challenge of dyslexia, who was mis-understood by his parents and teachers, teased by the fellow school kids, and who gradually lost his self-confidence. Catch the trailer here and check out this movie which although is in Hindi, will most likely be showing with English subtitles…

This movie highlighted the lack of support many children get from their parents. Children are so often afraid of just being themselves. They feel that they have to consistently live up to their parents’ expectations of how they should act, the aspirations they should hold, and who they should be.

It also reminded me of the powerful force I’ve had throughout my life – both my parents have stood by me, no matter what, and have supported my gradual progress in life. I’m sure there have been many moments of anxiety for them when they’d be wondering if I’d ever settle down into a “stable job”. Regardless, both mum and dad have been the secure foundation for me to discover myself, and allow me just to be as I am. In fact, I feel blessed that some of my closest friends have also been such a gentle and caring pillar of strength for me to gently tread along the path that continues to be defined for me.

Mum and dad – thank you…

Much love,

Dinesh & Shilpa
Dad and Mum
New Years Eve 2002

5 Replies to “Appreciating The Frustration Of Just Being You – Taare Zameen Par – Every Child Is Special”

  1. Wonderful that you recognise what so many people are not blessed with.

    The room to grow, change, be who you want to be; alongside the BLESSING from your parents.

    As you have stated so many children don’t have this and are then forced by themselves or via the subtle messages they receive, to become something that they don’t want to be.

    I am sure you will pass this on to your loved ones.

  2. This is from the song by Whitney Houston on what I also believe children should have

    I believe the children are our future
    Teach them well and let them lead the way
    Show them all the beauty they possess inside
    Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
    Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be

  3. Ideally, parents take on the role of triggering love, a love that children will more and more discover to originate from within themselves. The parent’s support will kindle the innate love that is waiting in every human being to manifest. Lack of love from the parents show their lack of tapping into their own heart. There is little room for blame as these parents were most likely brought up with a similar lack of support. It takes a strong soul to break out of such conditioning.

  4. Yup i saw that Movie its really inspiring… but you can Say in real life too.. parents is not giving free hand to the childrens..always force them to study or etc etc…dont let them do what they wanna Do.. dont understand them..thats y the child got irratated from them and Dont study.its correct that parents do this for them shining future…but children cannot understand everthing..there is a big difference between child and parents mental level…Soo everychild has his own quality..Dont stop them to Do what they wanna do…give them a love and support in what ever they are interested in backup them… 🙂 ..

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