Alternatives to Mealtimes in Front of the TV

When a bachelor friend recently visited us, he was saying how, even though he’s bought a dining table and chairs, he has most of his meals in front of the TV.

Until recently, Heena and I have spent most of our mealtimes glued to the TV set too. Such a convenient distraction from life, and a shameful waste of valuable time.

It got me thinking about alternatives to the television during mealtimes either alone or with a partner:

– have a conversation at the dining table
– learn about each others’ day
– picnic in the garden or local park
– eating slowly paying full attention to each mouthful
– listening to music
– listening to inspirational audio
– reading a book
– reading a magazine
– writing lyrics to a song
– writing a blog post
– looking through a photo album
– watching a slideshow of treasured memories on a digital photo frame

Which of the above do you already enjoy doing? What alternatives would you suggest?

2 responses to “Alternatives to Mealtimes in Front of the TV”

  1. Chandesh Parekh avatar

    1,2,4 & 5 get my vote…..

  2. Heena R Modi avatar

    Interesting. Our perception of things can be so different can't they? I recall often saying 'let's eat at the table' from which we couldn't watch TV. However, our preference didn't align so I'd join you on the sofa. It's a shame because I wouldn't enjoy my meal whilst sitting there but I didn't particularly want to eat alone at the table either.
    All too often now, families sit at a table but they read, do things on their phone, watch TV from the table etc. Thus they are still distracted. Still in their 'own' world. Isolated from others around them.
    If they do engage in a conversation, they're half listening.
    I've seen it so often.
    Well I guess, once we're aware we can make a change right? 🙂

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