Third Transaction Completed With A Noughts and Crosses Deul!

This evening at Kavit Haria’s ‘Hidden Secrets of Music Success’ seminar held at London School of Economics, I just completed my 3rd transaction in the 1p to £10 Million project.

Roopal Shah had pledged the 3rd transaction where she would give me 4p in return for a match of Connect 4.

As she was unable to find her Travel Connect 4 game (Roopal says she left it at her mum’s place), we swapped it for a ‘Best Out of 3 Noughts and Crosses’ match.

The first match was a draw. The second match was a draw. I won the third match. Neh neh ne-neh neh….  About time anyway, as Roopal always beats me at Connect 4.
Thank you Roops – I am now in possession of 8p, and getting closer to my £10 Million goal.

Next up – to double the 8p, I gotta write a quote for Afni Shah that’ll cheer her up whenever things get her “stressed out and down”.

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