Suraj walks the marathon – 23rd April 2023

Suraj walks the marathon – 23rd April 2023

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Hello, I’m Suraj and I love deep conversations over a decent coffee. Even better, a deep conversation on a long walk, with a stop (or two) for coffee.

What has inspired me to take on the challenge to walk all 26.2 miles of the TCS Virtual London Marathon this April 23rd is the wonderful work of Raj Saubhag Humanitarian in and around the village of Sayla, in rural Gujarat.

All of the funds I raise will be supporting the running of the existing hospital, a specialist eye hospital and rehabilitation centres for the disabled.

Every month, the Community Health Centre hospital conducts 60 deliveries, nearly 500 major and minor operations, 6000 lab tests, 150 x-rays and sees around 7500 outpatients and over 700 inpatients. £25 pays for 50 antenatal visits, £50 pays for one hundred x-rays, £125 pays for 500 hospital consultations, £200 pays for more than 40 minor operations and £300 pays for 50 ambulance calls.

The eye hospital conducts over 1,100 procedures a month and will soon reach 1,500 a month, at £15 per eye surgery.

At the Ashirvad Centres for the Disabled, donors can spend £240 per year to cover the rehabilitation for one child (sponsoring a child covers a large part of the centres’ costs) or spend £45 to sponsor a meal for all the children at a centre.

Your sponsorship could even fund transport for all the children to get to a centre. This costs £20 per day. Transportation is important because the children aren’t local, they can’t use public transportation and their parents cannot afford to take time off work to bring the child to the centre.

The demand and needs are high, and the local population appreciates the service.

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