Rap Video by UK Visa Services Informing and Encouraging Indian Students

The British High Commission in New Delhi, India, have produced a rap music video to encourage students in India to consider the UK as a destination to study.  It explains the right way to apply for a student visa.

Indian students represent the second largest number of international students in higher education in Britain, and the number of student visas issued in India have been increasing year on year.

The video was launched by the UK Visa Services in association with the British Council to capitalise on this growing demand, and has been placed on YouTube so that it may be shared with it’s target market.


There are mixed-views of the video, but overall it’s receiving the thumbs up from students in India.  Responses to the rap video include “this video is great stuff for us Indian students. it’s simple and encoraging. shows that UK welcomes students from India. good stuff”, and “I’m a creative arts student and this is brilliant! the way by which such a complicated message has been convayed seamlessly is quite refreshing.”

Take a look at the Indian Student Visa video for yourself and leave a comment below indicating where you are based (UK/India/other part of the world), whether you are a student or not, and what your views are on the video.

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