Music Is Just A Frame For Silence

In Kavit Haria’s most recent post on No Pauses, he writes about how he has put more gaps into his presentations, therefore allowing the audience some space to absorb what he has just shared.  As Kavit writes, “Good music and good communication is exactly the same, they both contain changes of pace, pauses, and full rests.”

Well Kavit, it’s true that music is just a frame for silence.  Without gaps between the notes, music would just be noise!  It’s those stunning silent moments that create works of such beauty.

Definitely slow down, create more gaps in music, in speech, in life.  Use those gaps to think, reflect, and embrace the opportunity to serve your listener better.

Even in life, make the most of gaps between activities to ensure that every single thought, spoken word or action is purposeful and playful.

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