How To Be A Gentleman And A Gangster To Secure The Deal In 3 Easy Steps

When you have the intention of making a sale or securing a deal, your duty is first to be a gentleman, and then, if it requires it, to be a gangster. A gentleman conducts himself with confidence, clarity, warmth, and respect.

When you believe fully in the product or service you’re offering, and know that your prospect would truly receive value from having it, here’s how to secure the deal in 3 easy steps…

Step #1: Offer

As a gentleman, confidently approach your prospect and clearly state who you are, what you’re offering, and how you feel it would add value to their business or lifestyle.

Step #2: Listen

As a gentleman, listen intently to their response. Is it that they want to purchase straight away? If so, great, sign on the dotted line please!

If they explicitly say “no, not at all” – then ask yourself again: “Is it truly going to add value to them?” If not, nevermind, walk away with your head up, and onto the next prospect.

If their response if more like “yes, but…” or “kinda…” or “no, but ummm…”, chances are that they really would benefit from having your product or service right now, yet they have a barrier that’s popped up for them in the shape of:

  • I don’t know you:
    • How do I know you’re qualified?
    • How do I know you’re reputable?
    • How can I trust you?
  • I don’t believe you
  • I don’t want it / need it yet
  • I can’t afford it
  • It won’t work for me
  • You don’t understand my problem
  • What happens if I don’t like it?

This is where you shift your mindset from that of a gentleman, into the mindset of a gangster…

Step #3: Combat

As a gangster, systematically address each and every one of these barriers, so that you may overcome the prospect’s buying resistance, and through that, persuade them to take action and secure the deal.

If they ask “how do I know you’re qualified?” then respond with details of you / your company’s history and track record. If they say “it won’t work for me” then offer them a handful of solid testimonials from others who are in a similar position to them who have benefited massively by using your product or service. If they say “what happens if I don’t like it?” then offer them a ’60 day no questions asked money back guarantee’.

IMPORTANT: you’re not in combat with your prospect. You’re in combat with that space that’s between you and the prospect, that’s keeping you from securing the deal. You’re addressing each of the barriers above with verbal combat and solid proof.

So there you have it: How to be a Gentleman and a Gangster to Secure the Deal in 3 Easy Steps.

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