Get The Life You Love And Live It

I was round at Arvind Devalia’s home in St. John’s Wood for lunch this afternoon – we talked about the projects he’s currently working on, the way he can serve more people as an internet social entrepreneur, and about how he can make his great book available for people to buy as gifts for Christmas and the New Year…

Arvind Devalia - Get The Life You Love and Live It
Arvind Devalia
Get The Life You Love And Live It
Sol Shah and Arvind Devalia's Book
Sol Shah Getting A Copy Of
Arvind Devalia’s Book
From Under Arvind’s Bed

For lunch, Arvind prepared delicious baked goud and papad for starters, along with okra curry, sprouted mung beans, and rice. All topped off with mango pulp for dessert, plus an incredibly fantastic herbal tea – an infusion of peppermint, licourice and rose tea. Check it out! It’s called “refresh” by pukka organic herbal blends – definitely refreshing! I just had to say how much I liked it, and Arvind loaded me up with 6 sachets!

The rice turned out really well. Apparently, you can make rice turn out great by soaking the rice grains in hot water for about 30 minutes, and then cooking them in a pan topped off with hot water. Arvind, if you’re reading this, please drop a comment about exactly how you made your magic fluffy rice.

In the picture above, you’ll see that I have to get Arvind’s book out from under his bed.  So what was it doing there? Well, Arvind has 2,000 – that’s TWO THOUSAND – to release out into the world this Christmas, and at the moment, they’re sitting under his bed!

If you’re looking for a decent Christmas gift to give which is ideal to read in time for kick starting the new year, check out Arvind Devalia’s Get The Life You Love And Live It, available for purchase online. If you ask him nicely, Arvind might even send the book out to the lucky person you’re buying the gift for, straight to them – saves you having to post it again yourself!

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