Death is Change. Change is Life. Therefore, Life is Death, and Death is Life

Change. The ability to effortlessly handle change, is the single most powerful skill that shapes the quality of your life. The one thing that’s guaranteed in life, is change. When you can embrace change, when you can master your attitude towards the changing world, then your life is in your own hands.

Mum’s health is deteriorating. She’s just turned 50, and physically, she’s going downhill fast. Mum represents the kind of change that is being pushed against. Her frustration, pain and fear, represent that inability to handle the change and embrace the variety that life so beautifully brings. Mum’s dying, and that’s ok, because that’s closure, that’s completion, that’s the end of something that was, and the start of something that can be.

So what is it that pains me so much? Why do I feel frustrated when she asks me to feed her? What is it about this change that I find so hard to get to grips with? So mum’s going to go. Do I need to miss her? No! She’s given so much to me. She’s brought me up to be who I am, to be the best I can be. Without hesitation, she has supported me in learning about who I am and what I represent.

Well what is it about the times that I feed her, and serve her physical needs that makes me feel like running out of that room, and being in my own space and doing my own thing? She’s given me so much, so should I not be there to serve her in her time of need?

Thank you for working with me on this. Thank you for being here to guide me through what I need to learn through this experience. Afterall, change is life. This is life.

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