Chitrabhanuji in London on The Jain Path to Freedom

Pujyashree Chitrabhanuji is coming to town! That’s right, in March 2007, for just a few days, Pujyashree Chitrabhanu is in London, giving us the opportunity to spend time with an individual that has had and who continues to have a tremendous impact, in spreading the messages of Jain Dharma to the wider world outside India.

Pujyashree Chitrabhanuji

There are a series of events taking place from Tuesday 6th to Sunday 11th March in and around London, and I highly recommend you get to as many of them as you can. For those understanding English only, I suggest you check out the event that Young Jains is hosting on Saturday 10th March – details at

What a wonderful chance to learn in person from someone who has so eloquently written about the twelve bhavnas, which are the ancient reflections on everyday reality. His book Twelve Facets of Reality has been instrumental in my current exploration and approach to overcoming inner desires, working towards freedom from the cycles of birth and rebirth, with the ultimate aim of abundant, infinite, eternal bliss – a.k.a. Moksha!

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