About Suraj

At the heart of every interaction is the opportunity to alleviate suffering, cultivate calm and bring about joy.

As a digital marketer and user experience (UX) consultant, Suraj takes values from the timeless Jain tradition, coupled with training in bereavement support and mental wellbeing, to transform hearts and minds in charities and companies to embrace a mindful digital approach in day-to-day working life.

Suraj is currently:

  • Managing business partner relationships and customer accounts at Codis, a business software developer.
  • Providing digital marketing and user experience consultancy and training.
  • Volunteering at Young Jains, with a focus on digital transformation, community building and mental wellbeing.
  • Volunteering on the digital team (with a focus on platforms development and data protection) at Raj Saubhag.

Suraj also:

  • Writes at livewithloss.com about handling turbulence in life when faced with a bereavement.
  • Speaks about mental wellbeing, mindful business and embracing values from the timeless Jain tradition.

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