Squash Shoes

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could get a decent pair of squash shoes?

Now that I play twice a week, it’ll be great to enjoy the game with some comfortable footwear.

I wonder which squash shoes are the best ones for my needs?

Not forgetting, I gotta get them in my size.

Any recommendations for size UK 14 squash shoes…?

Watching Over You

Watching over you, always a birds eye view.
Every step you take, from the moment you wake.
Through the smiles you give, I will always live.
As you helping hand reaches out, my heart remains thereabout.

Though the days may pass by, be brave and do not cry.
The love which you emanate should be your pure innocent state.
Time stands not still, as the souls journey continues and will.
May the divine light of your spirit, guide you forth and forever by lit.

– Deepa M. Shah

Logistics Around Death

Spoke with Nishad this morning. He’s the kind of guy who’s always around when you need him and happily sits on the sidelines of my life until called upon. Nishad has this unique blend of spirituality with day-to-day practicality. I deeply respect and admire him for the moral and practical support he continues to offer in all arenas of life.

Nishad revealed the following hints and tips for what needs to happen when / in preparation for when someone dies. I’ve added in some of my own comments. Continue reading “Logistics Around Death”

“She just wants your love”

I’ve had an AMAZING day. Everything’s flowed really well. Preparing for this weekend’s super-event is coming along really well, and everyone’s playing the game. I took a nice long drive in the evening, and felt really good.

Then mum and dad throw it at me. I seem to be “too busy”. It appears that I don’t have any time. That I’m just chasing after money, and everyone knows that money doesn’t buy you love! But I’m not chasing after money, I’m working towards freedom. Financial freedom. Freedom from the restraints of money and what money represents. Freedom from the restraints of love and what love represents. Freedom from the forces that seem to overpower us, that make us feel that life is really as heavy as it appears. Continue reading ““She just wants your love””