– The Internet Cake Business That Sends Cakes To Soldiers

The Bake Me A Wish website at takes online orders for custom made cakes for birthdays and national holidays.

Chocolate Cake

What has given this New York based business massive news coverage recently is that they are even taking orders from families who want to send a baked cake to their relatives who are service members stationed overseas.

What a terrific treat for christmas to show your loved ones that you’re thinking of them, even if they are halfway around the world!

Josh Kaye, owner of the internet cake business said “I received a phone call from a mom who wanted to send her son a birthday cake in Iraq, and I hung up the phone and said, you know, ‘‘What an amazing possibility that would be.’”

When you listen to your customers, and then announce it as a service that you are offering, your marketing effort really becomes a peace of cake!

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