Alternatives to Mealtimes in Front of the TV

When a bachelor friend recently visited us, he was saying how, even though he’s bought a dining table and chairs, he has most of his meals in front of the TV.

Until recently, Heena and I have spent most of our mealtimes glued to the TV set too. Such a convenient distraction from life, and a shameful waste of valuable time.

It got me thinking about alternatives to the television during mealtimes either alone or with a partner:

- have a conversation at the dining table
- learn about each others’ day
- picnic in the garden or local park
- eating slowly paying full attention to each mouthful
- listening to music
- listening to inspirational audio
- reading a book
- reading a magazine
- writing lyrics to a song
- writing a blog post
- looking through a photo album
- watching a slideshow of treasured memories on a digital photo frame

Which of the above do you already enjoy doing? What alternatives would you suggest?